Can you survive in the future is the central question all long term care facilities and management are asking themselves.  If you are a free standing independent skilled nursing, you are well aware of the challenges of managing  your organization all alone.  The growing expectations of the regulatory, the pressure on controlling costs,  finding enough staff and most importantly keeping the census is can become overwhelming for single site administrator.  What has worked in the past may not work for the future…….

Join a team of experienced and committed people who can become a partner with you.  We offer a package of full management services based upon the foundation of the core values of “resident centered care”.  Our team professionals consist of accounting, billing, nursing, planning and development.  We can provide you the following services as a package or on an al a carte arrangement:

  • Financial and accounting services including budgeting, payroll, financial statements and billing.
  • Board development and the development of a strategic plan;
  • Advice and recommendations on remodeling of existing facilities and/or construction of new facilities;
  • Analysis and recommendations for implementation of expense reduction
  • Recommendations to Client the prices, rates, and charges for services provided at the Facility;
  • Creation and advice on the execution of a marketing plan;
  • Human Resources consulting;
  • Legal advice on personnel and operational issues;

Joining together with other like provides can produce the quality care outcomes and resident satisfaction that we are all seeking for our elders.