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Boomer Health Needs of Tomorrow | SunPorch

Boomer Health Needs of Tomorrow

Yea, Yea, Yea….eat my vegetables and eat my Kale….nah, not me…. give me a pizza and a chipoltes and I’ll be really happy.

So are we going to pay for our indulgences in later life? We’ll have free time to spend at the gym or to take those hikes, but will we be in any shape to do so?

According to this report How Boomers Will Change Health Care things don’t look too good. We will need significant health, medical and social support systems to keep us truckin on. “The convergence of four key factors drives how Boomers will impact U.S. health care: 1. There are significantly more of them and, as they age, they will require more health care services than any other generation of Americans. 2. The prevalence of chronic diseases is increasing among Boomers. 3. They have different needs and expectations than past generations. 4. More medical services and technologies are available to them.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.44.20 AM

So maybe we don’t need so many “Wealth Advisors” but perhaps more “health advisors” to get us on the right track…otherwise we may really need that rocking chair!