China: Growth of Long Term Care

In a recent report entitled “Long Term Care for older persons in China” the authors cite the usage of nursing facilities by persons 65+ is around 3%.  Even at this low usage, the nation will need 1.7 million beds to serve their elderly.

“China will have 223 million people aged 60 or older in 2015 (Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2014). Taking into account that around 3 per cent of older persons will need institutional care, some 6.7 million institutional care beds are required, representing a shortage of more than 1.5 million beds (Wu and others, 2013, p. 149).”

There are three main programs the nation has relied upon to serve as their framework of long term care services: Residential care, community services and institutional care.  To read more about China and its approach to serving elderly click on the following link.  Long Term Care for older persons in China