Elderly Kansan’s deserve better

Recent actions by our Kansas Governor and legislators to reduce funding by $2.8 million resulting in a 30% decrease for home care services for elders will be harmful. Here is a real life example- take a 78 year old widowed grandmother living on social security in a small home. She needs help managing her medications, assistance with bathing and preparing meals. She used to receive services each month to help her with these activities. Now if she needs help? TOUGH LUCK. Just get by and when she gets more frail she can then go to the nursing home…….NOW WE WILL PAY YOUR BILL. Actions by our Governor and legislators speak louder than words…Funding for seniors is being reduced 30%. Compare this 30% reduction to these state agencies that received less than 1% budget reduction: KS Department of Commerce, $89 million budget reduced by $455,000, Department of Administration budget $120 million, reduced by $376,000, Office of the Governor budget $28 million, reduced by $125,000. What is wrong with this picture? Small businesses like mine have had state taxes cut to the tune of $738 million annually. Funding for seniors is cut by $2.8 million. Thanks Grandma for the tax break. Winston Churchill once said “”Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Governor and Legislators: SIT DOWN and LISTEN to what the people are saying. People of Kansas STAND UP AND SPEAK. AARP of Kansas: STAND UP AND SPEAK. Senior Centers: Circulate a petition, STAND UP AND SPEAK. Sons, daughters, grandchildren, STAND UP AND SPEAK. Call or email the Governor and your legislator to restore funding. Let’s find a solution. Honor thy father and thy mother should mean more than just words in Kansas.