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Future model of nursing facility: Focus on caring relationships. | SunPorch

Future model of nursing facility: Focus on caring relationships.

In a report titled “2010 STAKEHOLDER SURVEY: CULTURE CHANGE AND THE HOUSEHOLD MODEL” published by the University of Wisconsin’s  Institute on Aging and Environment (Culture Change Household Survey) the 79% of the participants strongly agreed with these guiding principles:

  •  A household is a small grouping of residents and their dedicated staff with the purpose of fostering self directed, relationship based life.
  •  A household has pleasing homey spaces with a functional kitchen at its hub nurturing daily life -­‐ responding to individual residents and fostering community life. It is intimately-­‐sized with clear boundaries and a variety of spaces typical of home, including the flexibility of private and shared bedrooms spaces as desired by the residents.
  •  It includes clinical best practices, the tasks and routines and pleasures of daily life, cutting edge technologies to encourage life choices and promote functionality, mobility, wellness and growth.
  •  Household life is facilitated by an empowered self-­‐led team of residents and staff. Deep knowing, reflective of true home, fosters a good life for everyone and is supported by the resources of the organization.
  •  The organization has been redesigned to position households and their leadership with the autonomy and accountability to respond to the individual resident needs; and the responsibility to create meaningful household life. In other words, the households together as a team with the administrator and Director of Nursing Services become the vehicle for all operational decisions and administration, replacing the traditional department structure.

At the core of implementing all of these principles, is the culture of a caring, well trained and dedicated staff. If you focus your time and attention on the PEOPLE who are living and working in the setting, you are creating an environment where the principles described above will come to reality.

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