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States Planning for Long Term Care: Census is Key | SunPorch

States Planning for Long Term Care: Census is Key

As you look ahead in strategic planning for serving tomorrow’s elders,  what are the key elements a long term care provider should focus upon? I would suggest census is at the top of the list. Without clients, you are out of business. Clients in the nursing facility represent only a small part of the potential market of frail elders.  Compare your census in the nursing facility, assisted living, dementia units today versus 5 years ago. If your census is increasing, you are in the minority. Customers are choosing other services whenever they are available. State governments are playing a major role in helping them to do so.  A recent survey by the AARP of 37 states shows that 17 states had a decrease in nursing home occupancy from 2011-2012, 15 remained the same and 5 had an increase in census. Most towns and communities have a wide range of options for the elders.  States through their Medicaid programs are focused upon slowing the growth of the program. Here is the summary of the study on what states are doing to deal with the growth of elders and slowing Medicaid budget. Transformation of Long Term Care Systems AARP.

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